Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kramer's everywhere rejoyce

Well modern medicine manufacture miracles all the time, but to cure the jimmy leg? I was watching tv last night and noticed this hilarious commercial for REQUIP, which treats "moderate to severe restless leg syndrome." I was watching a show that I never watch ("Two and a Half Men", what? I was bored) and so I thought that it might be a joke commercial, but it just wasn't funny enough. Though I did laugh when I heard that REQUIP may cause you to fall asleep while driving, which seems to be much worse than the symptoms associated with "restless leg syndrome". Since REQUIP is also- primarily, I would imagine -used to treat Parkinson's I guess this is just a cross promotional opportunity and I can just see the pharmaceutical executives sitting around making up a disease to try and get some more bang out of REQUIP.

Far be it from me to mock those who are suffering, but I wonder how people in the Great Depression would have felt about restless leg syndrome.

"Oh, you have an uncontrollable urge to move your legs? Good, go move your legs over to the woods and gather some fire wood so we can heat up our dirt soup."

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