Monday, December 4, 2006

My Crane Wife

I am almost finished with the other 15 movies on my overrated list. Having a blog is a lot of work!
I just wanted to post that by far my favorite album of the year is the new one by the Decemberists, The Crane Wife. It is a gorgeous album that sounds as pretty up from a distance as it does up close. By that I mean, if you pay attention to the lyrics and the music it is mind boggling, but even if you just put it on in the background it puts you in a good mood. Plus, it is 100% kid friendly and they might even learn something as this is probably the most literate band around right now. The Decemberists have been a great band for awhile, but this one is a real topper. They have three songs posted on Hear Ya, check em out.

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Scott Osler said...

Thanks for the link! We also reviewed the Crane Wife:

There's a great video of Colin Meloy doing "Shankhill Butchers" at the end of the post. Check it out when you get a chance.